S s s in the circus, there

S s s in the circus, there Then repeat their order NML adult start CA CA CA, and you the end saucer two eggs.

CA CA CA saucer eggs.

TSO TSO TSO, Qili have the ring.

Zu zu zu, flowers are the father.

S s s in the circus, there wrestlers.

CA CA CA, flower pollen.

Qi qi qi, a lamb at the sheep.

CoE CoE CoE, the numbers on the ring.

EC EC EC, a Lollipop.

ICA ICA ICA, acacia tit.

War vets war, singer and singer.

Securing the pronunciation of sound C in the stories chistogovorki Clearly, highlighting the sound of C, say every chistogovorki to times.

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Missing volume

Missing volume from the relying volume.

Missing volume food it is supplemented with liquid.

By rd day food volume full, juice is gradually entered.

From the th day fruit puree and other additives on age.

From the th day, when completely dyspepsia symptoms are liquidated, it is possible to pass to feeding according to age i.


to come back to a feeding up if the child received it to an illness taking into account the principle of gradualness.

Can be the first in food dietary feedings up for example, porridge of Nestle with rice, and then juice are entered and fruit purees.

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Supporting Holding the microphone actor, Ter Ter Ter Ter Ter Ter.

STEP FOUR FIXATION OF THE SOUND R IN WORDS Securing the pronunciation of sound combinations, ETC and TR in words.

The development of auditory memory Check the meanings of unknown words.

Clearly, highlighting the voice of a combination of sounds, ETC and TR, repeat for adults every words.

Then call words from memory.

Supporting the sounds of the D and T noticeably help correct the pronunciation of sound R in words.

Fight wood friend.

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CALL the WORD Such about the child quickly will start learning and reading sty words.


This game develops at children phonemic hearing and Gotha their Vit to training in reading.

It is possible to play it with not so reading, only on chavshy training or already reading children.

It is possible to hold game with use of the additional materials tables, cubes or orally.

The leader calls a warehouse an open syllable, for example KA or MI.

Then calls some words from any parts speeches in which this warehouse meets.

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Teenagers In high and high school children have already to a samostoyatel but to work, watch performance of difficult tasks, to plan and to carry out longterm projects, for example to prepare for examinations.

Thus at high school support of parents and teachers, as a rule, comes to naught it is supposed that pupils are already capable to bear the answer stvennost for itself it is independent.

Teenagers resist support or control, which at carried them advantage in the childhood.

It will also be coordinated with the main objective developments achievement of independence and leaving from authorities vzros ly.

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